Chorizo Taco Salad Brunch

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My go-to brunch meal when I'm hosting is the taco salad. And I make a pretty delicious one, especially if there's homemade chorizo involved (shout out to the husband! He demanded it).

The thing about taco salads is they are super easy, really satisfying and versatile. You can do turkey, ground beef, short ribs, or even roasted vegetables. And then pick toppings that pair well with your meat. Cook and chop before your guests arrive and all you have to do before pouring yourself some (or lots) rosé is assemble the salads. The most time consuming part for me is pre-baking my tortilla shells in the oven. And it's only because I can only do 2-3 at a time.

This was my first chorizo salad, and it was a hit. I cooked up some zucchini from the garden,which I added to my black beans, along with a salsa verde. And for toppings we had shredded lettuce, cotilla cheese, homemade ancho chili salsa (another husband contribution he insisted I mention), avocados and mangos with cilantro and lime. Simple, fun to eat and great with rosé.
Viggo hammock. This guy loved all the attention from the pretty ladies.
We had lots of desserts courtesy of my guests. 
I even made the husband his own salad which he had to eat quickly before taking a really long nap with the little guy. But not before we got this group shot of the brunch crowd with babycakes. 

Chorizo Taco Salads
serves 6

As I mentioned, these salads are open to customization. But here's what I used for this particular brunch.

2 lbs of chorizo, cooked
1 large zucchini, sauted in olive oil with cumin and paprika
2 cans of black beans, warmed with salsa verde
shredded ice berg
cotija cheese
ancho chili salsa
mangos with cilantro and lime
tortilla shells, brushed with olive oil and baked at 400 degrees for 5-10 minutes

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