Koncert for AmeriKarine: A Celebration of 19th Century American Music

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It is kind of strange to think that the very first Koncert took place three years ago! In some ways, it seems like it was 10 years ago. After that initial, and fine evening, I thought there would never be another Koncert again. But, I was proved wrong. Twice. And thankfully so.

The second Koncert, maybe because it took place while I was still constantly nursing a tiny three month-old, seemed like a blur. But this third, and final Koncert (that's the word on the street), was truly special. Not only because the husband brought everyone together for practices during a very busy summer, but also two of the performers were moving across the country, just days later, never to be seen again. (JK, they just moved to Boston, We're seeing them in November!)

A few highlights from this evening:

- The setting. Our friends moved into a great place in Eagle Rock. There's like 2,000 stairs to climb, but once you get up there, the beautiful outdoor patio(s) and great views made for a magical stage.

- Viggo! This kid was confused, attentive and a little scared (trombones are frightening). And it was a blast watching him react, listen and refuse to clap (something he had just learned a few days prior).

- Wine and friends. Friends and wine. It all made for a good time.

- The effort. I mean who else has friends who put on koncerts for them? Anyone? I'd like to meet you.
 The hostess and little guy.
 The captive audience.
 Viggo is enthralled. 
Oh, look. It's the Bostonians.

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