Road Trip to Boise

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Shortly after having a kid, we started scratching an itch. An itch to get out of LA. We've definitely thought about this for a while and even had a Portland 2020 Campaign, but then Portland got really pricey and life got busy.

Yet, post baby, we had time and desire to find some place better. Some place with more space, better schools, affordable housing, and less traffic. You know all the things that become important as you age and your tolerance for bullshit declines, drastically. 

So we joked about Idaho. Mostly because we knew nothing about Idaho. And then we did some research and went "hey, this sounds like it could work". And in July, we packed up the Subaru, and drove 18 hours to Boise. Straight. With our almost 10 month old. And we survived. Barely. And decided that on the way back, we would definitely stop for the night. 

We have friends in Boise. Who also recently had a baby. A cute little four-month-old chubster. Viggo tried to eat him the entire time we were there. We stayed the weekend in Boise, checking things out, seeing if we wanted to live there. Then we spent a night in a cabin in Hagerman, on a creek. It was lovely.

As for Boise? It was fine. But, not for us. The best way I could think of describing it is that it's too medium for me. Not enough of a small town, and definitely not a big city. So despite having a fun time, we crossed Boise off our list. Smell you later, Idaho! But not to worry, we have found an even better town, one we've been to already and LIKED. We will be making another exploratory trip this fall. But in the meantime, here are a few snapshots from our road trip. 
Baby meet-up.
The capital building is pretty fancy.
Best breakfast in town.
Our cabin in Hagerman, which was along the Billingsley Creek.
Oh look! It's the three of us in one photo.
Viggo lounging in his Vegas suite. 

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