Fall Trip to Oregon

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A few days before we left for Oregon in late October, it was in the mid 90s here in LA, and the heat was getting me down. I was ready for gloomy fall weather, lots of rain, and flannel shirts. Oregon did not disappoint. Although there was a whole day of sunshine, which I was not too pleased about, we got our fill of beautiful and crisp fall weather.

We took this trip because after our Boise adventure, we were back to the drawing board for a new place to move. And we knew we liked Oregon. We also knew we liked Oregon wines and wanted to check out a town called McMinnville, where over six years ago we spent the night after very long drive from San Francisco to Portland. So we rented a place on airbnb and spent three days exploring McMinnville and the surrounding area. Then, we spent a day in Portland, eating delicious food and visiting parks. And by the end of the trip, we had decided we preferred Portland to McMinnville and it was time to set things in motion for the move. Big changes to come in 2016!

In the meantime, here're a few photos from our trip.
Exploring McMinnville.

 This kid ate ALL our food.
 One of our favorite wineries was White Rose. It was a little, dark hobbit hole at the top of the hill. When we arrived, the fog had rolled in and it was misty. Viggo was into it.
Viggo is tired of being the designated driver.

Brunch at Broder in Portland. 
Mt. Tabor walk at night.
At the end of the trip, at a distillery, Viggo decided he was going to start walking for real. 

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