Maui in April

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So I realize this post is a little late, but as I stress out about moving to a different state where I have no job, or a place to live, it's nice to think back to our week in Maui. Although traveling with a kid (and your parents) is also stressful, in a different way. The husband and I reminisced about our trips to the islands on our own, and how magical and carefree things used to be. 

Despite having three (extra) people in tow (along with ALL THEIR STUFF), we managed to drive the Road to Hana, sort of chill on the beach, see many a waterfall and even sneak off to a nude beach. 

Viggo didn't really get the whole sand thing, and was teething for a good part of the trip, but he ate a a ton of gold fishes and bananas. He also decided he would walk the absolute bare minimum, insisting to be carried 85% of the time. And I destroyed my phone at the Seven Sacred Pools. This all sounds like fun, right? It was. A new reality of fun, where you always carry a diaper bag and lots of snacks.

Below are a few photos from the trip, enjoy!
All the trouble makers.
The Seven Sacred Pools. I don't think I've ever seen my dad happier, swimming around 
and grinning like a kid. 
Goldie locks
We almost ditched him here. But then he decided to be cute and charming again.
Viggo ate a LOT of tiny bananas on this trip. 
My little beach babe and sand hater.  We'll see you again Hawaii, in like five years!

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