BLT: The Sandwich of Summer

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One of my brother's just moved for a job. The middle one. And although we too are planning on moving, his departure has gotten me down more than I had imagined. Maybe it's because he's the most involved of the uncles and I love watching him interact with Viggo, or maybe its because he's become a hilarious and consistent fixture in our friend group, but either way, I already miss him randomly dropping by after his "floating in the dark tub" sessions.

But, this post is not about brothers. It's about bacon sandwiches, which we happened to eat last time my brothers were over for brunch. BLTs are great anytime, but they are especially good with ripe summer tomatoes. 
I cook my bacon in the oven, since that requires less hands-on time on my part. And when building my sandwich I like lots of lettuce, and mix my mustard with my mayo, slathering both sides of the bread. If you happen to have avocado around, that's always a nice addition as well.

 Here's the bro and Viggo, being pals. 

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