Fall in Oregon

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It's been a long time since my last post. I had somehow convinced myself that I would keep up the blog during the move, documenting away. Ha! So, here we are, over a month in Oregon. Hillsboro to be exactly. About 20 miles west of Portland, close to farms and wineries, far from pretty much everyone we know.
Above Viggo doing jumpies before the movers came. And below he's already made himself comfortable on our new bed.
So moving with a two-year old is fun. Just kidding. It's a nightmare. And so is driving for three days. And so is unpacking. And unpacking. And unpacking. But, we are almost, kind of, done. And I can usually find things I need with about 70% confidence. And although I want to never move again, I so badly want to be in my own place and not a rental, where I can do anything, like NOT HAVE CARPET IN THE DINING ROOM. Sigh.

And now that I've gotten all the whining out of the way regarding moving, let's talk about fall. It's my favorite season. And I'm so glad we made it here in time for us to experience the season. Along with a little storm. It's been glorious to see color, wear sweaters, listen to rain tapping softly on the windows.
We stopped in Bend on the way up. And is was great. 
Trick or treating as a little owl.

We are also getting back to meal planning and cooking. Although now, most of that is being done by the husband. Why? Because he's living the dream. MY HOUSEWIFE dream. Although I'm not sure if "living" is the right word. He has dark circles under his eyes, is spending a lot of time at the supermarket and park, and is asleep by 8:30 pm. Taking care of a toddler was never part of my stay-at-home fantasy. So, at this point, I'm not too sad to be escaping to work everyday.

Cooking away in his little kitchen. 

We figured the first year here would be hard, but I didn't realize I would start missing our friends so soon. But, I am. And it's hard. And I'm counting down the days until people visit us and we get to take them to wineries and drive over bridges and get wet in the rain together.
What wine tasting with this crazy looks like this! Also, Viggo got a haircut. 

That's it for now. Hopefully, the husband will find the time and energy to write soon. Considering he's just at home all day, getting abused by Demando Viggo.

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