Winter in Oregon

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We've seen a lot of snow this winter, which has been fun, especially all the no-work snow days. But we are told this is not common for this part of Oregon, so we've been savoring each one. 

Since my posting is really off, and apparently seasonal, here's a quick snapshot of our winter, in photos. 
Above, Viggo builds a snowman. He calls all snowmen Frosty. And below he's taking in the view at White Rose Winery.
We've been eating a lot of comfort food. This means big bowls of soup, roast chicken and pot pies made with leftover chicken.
After the holidays, we took a trip to Corvallis and the coast. We stayed at an old granary on the river, visited the aquarium, and spent a night right on the beach.

We learned Viggo loves crab, along with salmon caviar. We bought him a small jar as a Christmas present. 
  We've also been going on local adventures around Cannon Beach and our many nearby parks.
And entertaining friends, like these out of towners, who spent the weekend with us freezing. Sigh, Southern Californians.

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