Maine 2017

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We've been talking about going back to Maine since our trip in 2011. And when our friends moved back to the east coast, we decided to invite ourselves to the glorious Maine house in Biddeford for a mini reunion.

Maine with kids is not as fun as Maine without kids. But it was fun to see Viggo and Baby Miles hit it off and become BFFs. Also, it was fun to eat lobster everyday.

The trip was a nice getaway, but I never want to travel by plane in July again, and I already miss our friends terribly and want them closer. And now, photos.
House views. That's just the Atlantic ocean, no big deal.
Chowder House smiles. 
Viggs and Miles being cute and cuddly.
All the seafood, including lobster bisque. 
Suspicious of beer and/or dad. 
We hiked and collected shells on the beach. Then Viggo refused to take a photo.
Local oysters in Portland.
Lawn games with the crew. Again, that's the ocean right there, just hanging out, being an ocean.
I think we had a lobster roll a day. Because you have to. 
Beach babes.
Steamers and lobsters, and "other" stuff.
This kid ate half of my lobster, sigh. 
Cool kid at a lighthouse.
On our last night, our hosts made a lot of chicken wings and we put the kids to bed and watched Game of Thrones while drinking mead. It was kinda perfect. 
And one final roll for the road. 

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