The Want-to-be Housewife

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"I bring home the bacon, but I'd rather be cooking it. I even have a bacon recipe book." - me

I work. But the dream is to be a housewife. You know, wake up late, do a little cleaning, pick up groceries and start preparing dinner. Somewhere in there I might also fix myself a snack, have a glass or two of wine, watch some bad daytime TV, and do a little gardening. I'm talking light gardening, something I can manage with a cocktail in hand.

The problem is income, the mortgage, and expensive dutch ovens. Why do those dutch ovens have to be so expensive? And now there's a baby to feed too!

Although the reality of becoming a housewife might not be in my near future, I'm keeping the dream alive with this domestic blog. Enjoy.

How did it all start and why? Read all about it.